We would like to introduce / give you brief profile of our Company.

We are one of the Indian Exporters of Spices (both whole & ground), Seeds, Oil Seeds, Medicinal Herbs, Botanical Herbs (to name a few) and are established since 1940's.

This company is Originally founded by Vidur's great grand father late Mr. Naraindas L. Grover way back in 1940's. He started his Spice Business in Karachi way back when Pakistan was a part of India with a small shop. He with his effort & hard work slowly & steadily from a small establishment expanded his business. But as faith had India & Pakistan divided into 2 separate countries he along with his family members had to leave everything behind & reorganize the Company in Mumbai.

He along with his 2 Sons Mr. M. N. Grover and Mr. C. N. Grover expanded the business further, into new horizons & countries with new achievements herein & hereout both the brothers expanded both in the field of Import and Export of Spices. Within a span of next two decades the Companies turnover grew 5 folds.

But faith again had both the brothers divided & Mr. C.N. Grover along with his Son Anil C. Grover started new Company by the name and style of Vidur Exports (sister concern Anil Grover & Company).

After the demise of C. N. Grover on 7th February 2003 Anil Grover expanded this business with their corporate Office / Head Office at 181/183, SAMUEL STREET, MUMBAI-400009 and their warehouse in New Bombay at C-40 APMC MARKET I, PHASE II, SECTOR 19, VASHI, NAVI MUMBAI 400 703. TEL : 91-22-27801107/27651707.

Anil Grover further expanded both in the field of import and export of Spices,Seeds & Medicinal Herbs.We have got our agents at all the producing Centers in India. We precure the raw materials directly from the producing centres, get it cleaned & recleaned & graded under our own personal supervision. With this the International buyers are assured totally of quality product along with timely delivery & shipments.

The packing standards adopted are in line with International standards & norms which helps the buyer to get the product in his warehouse without any loss in weight or quality. Thus savings on the cost price.

We are also well aware of the various crop standards & can suggest our buyers what product to buy from which origin & advice what quality is good for him.

We would be more keen in learning what your company is interested in so please send us a small Email : [email protected] & [email protected] or Fax No. 91-22-67907228.

Our Banker's are : Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Ltd., Vashi Branch, Unit No. 4, Banking Plaza, APMC Market, Sector 19-C, Vashi, Navi Mumbai - 400 705. Tel : 91-22-27839022 / 27839023 .